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Factory as a Service (FAAS)

Global Sourcing Finland Ltd (GSF) is a Finnish family owned company established in 2004. We work according to the Factory as a Service (FAAS) concept. This means your company can outsource the production as an overall service from GSF. Our customers can concentrate in their core expertises such as R&D, brand management and sales. Our mission is to improve competitiveness of the small and medium sized Finnish companies in the global market.

GSF is specialised in manufacturing technical parts and products as an overall service and we offer basically unlimited manufacturing capacity through our well-established factory partner networks in various manufacturing technologies. Our strengths are high quality products, competitive prices, reliable delivery times, technical knowledge as well as the knowledge of Asian business cultures. Our customers have their businesses eg. in fields of medical, safety, design, injection molding and process technologies. We are currently sourcing from China, Latvia and India.

 Contract manufacturing

In our business it is essential to understand the customer needs thoroughly in order to succeed in delivering customer specific parts, components and complete products including sales packaging, user manuals etc. To fulfill our customers requirements, we are tightly integrated in our clients organizations and businesses.

We also join in our clients R&D projects whenever possible. This way we can affect on the design and find the most feasible solutions and constructions considering the production technologies available.

Production and logistics

We take full responsibility of the complete production and logistics chain including production schedules, quality control, freight arrangements, customs clearance and the delivery to our customers facilities. We deliver the parts and products to Finland, Estonia or any other location specified by our customer.

We adjust our process individually to have a perfect match for each customer. A consignment stock in Finland or buffer stock in China is quite a common arrangement. With this arrangement the products are property of GSF or the factory in Asia until our customer needs them. This way our customer has always the products available without having their capital involved. The arrangement also releases customers resources from routine purchasing to more valuable operations.

Factories and competitiveness

We in GSF know the production load situation in factories, Chinese and Indian holiday periods, schedules of standard deliveries, client peak seasons, forecasts and the stock quantities. By recognizing and following these factors, we can keep the stock quantities in the given limits, therefore ensuring the availability of each item for our customer.

GSF has more than 20 factory partners in China and India in various industrial fields. We are not share holders in factories, but we work in very close co-operation. GSF has its own organization in China, working together with the factories, to make sure production schedules and quality control are always up to date.

Thanks to the long term business relationships, our co-operation with factories is fluent. We have strong mutual confidence and respect with our business partners, which is essential to guarantee successful operations. We have learned our lessions about Asian business culture by working, working and working.