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GSF factory partners network includes several high quality welding shops, whose references include e.g. Finnish global listed machine/plant suppliers.


We can offer welded structures e.g. with the following welding methods:

  • stick welding (MMA)
  • Mig / Mag
  • Tig
  • SAW

Our factory partners use approved welding procedures (WPS). And the different welding methods have own certified welders. Some of the welding shops use also lean and six sigma concepts.

We can do also the necessary machinings and coatings for the welded structures.

Typical products and part sizes

Our factory partners are specialised e.g. in vessels/tanks, material handling systems and different kind of mobile equipments frames. There are hardly any limitations on the product sizes. For transportation purposes it is advised to take into account that the parts would fit into a container (considerably cheaper) or alternatively as break-bulk on the ship deck.